Credit Royal Deutschland GmbH is a specialized investment company, which is a part of the Credit Royal® capital group.  Credit Royal Deutschland GmbH is a company supporting the investment processes of the Credit Royal® Group in Western Europe and Latin America. The company’s core business is investments in the financial services market.


Credit Royal Deutschland GmbH primarily invests in non-bank financial institutions that operate on the basis of new technologies. We invest in technologically advanced, modern fintech companies selling financial products using modern online channels.
The companies in which we invest are proven, recognized financial institutions with a well-established market position, possessing technological potential for global expansion. These are mainly institutions granting short-term loans, as well as long-term loans, both to individuals and companies.
Thanks to the support of Credit Royal Deutschland GmbH, these companies can develop even more dynamically, definitely increasing their market share. We take care of sustainable development of the companies in our investment portfolio so that they compete on the market through technology, quality, innovation and are customer-oriented, listening to his needs.
Our goal is to provide simple, reliable and accessible financial products. We are distinguished by extensive experience, individual approach and the ability to build long-term relationships.


  • Loan companies

  • non-bank financial institutions

non-bank financial institutions


  • the provision of simple, reliable and easily accessible financial products

  • Global development of modern financial institutions

  • support for the development of enterprises operating in the field of new technologies


  • Loan
    (direct model or through affiliate networks)

  • Data analysis and decision making advice

  • Online payments


Jerzy Mazurek

Vice President of the Dziesiątka Finanse® Management Board

Managing Director of Credit Royal®

Lawyer, graduate of the Faculty of Law  at the R. Łazarski University of Commerce and Law in Warsaw. He gained his professional experience, among others, in BPS S.A. Bank on the position of Coordinator of the Team of Legal Advisers in the Organisational and Legal Department, and later the Bank’s Representative for contacts with Trade Unions. He is a laureate of the “Meritorious for the Polish Cooperative Banking” award. In Grzegorz Fertak’s Law Office in Warsaw he was personally responsible for legal services for such companies as Cefarm S.A., Koleje Mazowieckie KM Sp. z o.o. or Polmos Bielsko-Biała. He was the Director of the Legal Department of the Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser”. Since 2008 he has been the Chief Specialist in the Ownership Supervision and Investment Department of the Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in Warsaw. Since January 2011. Managing Director, then Proxy and President of the Management Board of a large Polish debt collection company.

Tomasz Bracki

President of the Dziesiątka Finanse® Management Board

Vice President of the Credit Royal® Management Board

Lawyer, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and Postgraduate Management Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, Department of Management in the Economy in Warsaw, numerous managerial and sales courses, as well as courses for members of supervisory boards, stock market analysts and financial advisors. Possesses over a dozen years of experience in the financial sector.  He gained his experience, among others, in PKO S.A. bank as the Director of the Department of Sales and Marketing at PZU TFI, and in private financial institutions as the Director of the Sales Department or Member of the Management Board. Since May 2016, the President of the Management Board of Independent Financial Brokers Sp. z o.o., where he successfully managed to obtain the consent of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority for the Investment Company Agent. He is a member of the Association of Individual Investors.


Credit Royal®

Credit Royal® is an investment company existing since 2012. Currently it operates in the area of financial and legal services. The company is made up of specialists and recognized experts who prove that the decisions made are mature and based on solid premises.


It is a modern company with innovative solutions, created by outstanding specialists in the field of

investments on the capital market.  The advisors act in accordance with the guidelines of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, based on the EFPA Financial Advisory Standards.

Lucky Star Investments S.A.

Family investment company being a part of the Credit Royal® Group. LSI is a joint-stock company supporting the investment processes of the CR Group. The basic area of the company’s activity is investments in the financial services market, mainly in short-term loans, as well as long-term loans (flexible instalment loans granted for up to 24 months) for both individuals and companies. Law Firm is a part of the Credit Royal® Group. Law Firm specializes in servicing the debt management, financial market and legal services for capital companies, including public companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. is the only law firm on the market to provide helpdesk for financial services intermediaries.

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